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cyst in kidney
cyst in kidney

Cyst In Kidney

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Cyst in Kidney – Causes

Cyst In KidneyThere are actually many forms of cyst in kidney. There are simple cyst kidneys that are actually benign or not harmful at all and there are also polycystic kidney cysts that are quite dangerous since it can cause kidney failures.

When it comes to kidney cyst causes, there are no actual findings on why it occurs. However, some factors can be because of the genes. Meaning, it can be inherited. Further, it can be because of age. As you grow older, there is a possibility that cysts may form in your kidneys and as years pass; your kidney size may grow abnormally because the cyst grows larger at the same time.

Bear in mind that kidney cyst causes may grow outside or inside the kidneys and it may affect one or both.

Cyst in Kidney – Symptoms

Now, whether if you have simple or multiple cysts on kidneys, here are some of the symptoms you may feel. Read on my friend.

Keep in mind that in most cases for simple cysts in the kidneys, there are no symptoms that can be felt. Although there are no symptoms, in some cases, once the doctor applies ultrasound on the kidney part of the patient, cysts can be found.

Consequently, one of the symptoms is having pain on the back, side and upper part of the abdomen. Also, you may feel occasional headaches combined with fever and chills.

Other signs and symptoms are high blood pressure, blood in the urine (hematuria) and even urinary tract infection or UTI. However, these symptoms are typically seen if you already have polycystic kidney disease and to add to this, other probable symptoms such as abnormal heart palpitations, aneurysm and diverticulitis may arise.

These are just some of the symptoms you can physically feel and sometimes, you will only know you have this kind of medical problem once general check-up is done and doctor’s diagnosis has been released.

Cyst in Kidney – Treatment

For simple cyst in kidney, treatment options are not usually done since the damage to your health is minimal. Your GP will only observe if the cysts will grow and it will post some problems to your health in the future.

Other treatment method is through aspiration where the doctor drains the cyst that has liquid form in it. Well, if worst comes to worst, surgery is done to treat the disease.

So if you feel you have a cyst, better consult the doctor for proper treatment and diagnosis.

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cyst in kidney

Kidney Stones

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What are kidney stones?

kidney stonesRenal lithiasis or commonly known as kidney stones are deposits (the kidney stone size can be small or large) that can be embedded in your kidneys. These stone deposits are mainly made from acid salts and minerals (calcium is the most common). These stone deposits form once your urine becomes highly concentrated and this allows acid and mineral salts to crystallize and thus, kidney stones are formed.

Passing these stones through urination can be painful at times. However, it may cause no permanent damage to your kidneys. But then again, it may depend since the stone may stay inside your kidneys for a long time or it may block your urethra causing extreme and longer pain as you urinate.

What causes kidney stones?

When it comes to kidney stone causes, one of these is dehydration. Once your body becomes dehydrated, minerals that have been passed down to your kidneys may form fast causing crystallized stones in your kidneys. Dehydration happens once you do exercise without drinking lots of water. Also, it can be because of the climate where it is too hot and you’re not taking in enough fluids in your body.

Another cause is because of UTI (urinary tract infection), hypercalciuria, gout and other diseases that can aggravate kidney stones. Also, it can be because of your diet (high protein, salt and sugar consumption in your daily menu).

Now, for kidney stone treatment provided by the doctor, it can be through proper medication. Some of these are antibiotics, allupurinol, phosphate solutions, diuretics and sodium bicarbonate.

Emergency treatments for kidney stone removal can be done if the stone is too large to pass through your urethra. Also, surgery is done if the pain persists and it can’t be controlled. Further, infection is already there are you are already in need of emergency treatment.

Consequently an alternative to kidney stone removal is lithotripsy. It can be done without implementing surgery. This is a kind of shock-wave treatment using a gadget that can blast the stone deposits in your kidneys without harming your organ.

Preventing kidney stones

Remember that prevention of kidney stones can be the best thing you can do. Well, it is a must for you to drink water on a regular basis to flush out the mineral deposits in your kidneys. Also, do a regular check-up with the doctor and ask advice with regards to having a healthy diet to prevent kidney stones.

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Kidney Stones

Kidney Cancer Symptoms

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Kidney cancer symptoms – detecting cancer

kidney cancer symptomsPrior to kidney cancer symptoms, it is best that you know more about this type of cancer. Kidney cancer is a disease where tumor/s grows in the kidneys. These tumors are cells that are cancerous (malignant) in form.

Normally, the function of your kidneys is to filter the waste products of your body and the waste products will then be flushed out in the form of urine. However, if you have kidney tumors, abnormal urination and other symptoms of kidney cancer may arise.

According to expert medical studies, there is no actual cause to why this type of cancer appears. However, there are some factors to why the cancer occurs to an individual afflicted by the disease.

Kidney cancer symptoms and risk factors

Here now are the risk factors that may cause this kind of disease.

  • Obesity
  • Being a male – high percentage of the disease afflicts males
  • Family history
  • Lymphoma
  • High blood pressure
  • Certain genetic conditions
  • Smoking
  • Exposure to certain chemicals such as benzene, herbicides asbestos and etc.

Now for the signs of kidney cancer, here are the things you should know.

  • Lump found in the abdomen (below the ribs or on the side of the abdomen)
  • Blood in the urine
  • Appetite loss
  • Swollen legs and ankles
  • Back pain and pain on the sides of your lower back
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Anemia
  • Fever that may last for about 4 weeks or more

To determine that these symptoms cover kidney cancer, the best thing you have to do is to go to the doctor and do a physical examination. This way, exact diagnosis is done and immediate kidney cancer treatment is applied.

Kidney cancer symptoms – treating the disease

Keep in mind that this kind of the disease is easily detected by the doctor without having a biopsy through physical examination and other types of tests. Well, it can also be treated immediately if the disease has been detected at an earlier time.

Consequently, treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy and other treatment methods can be done. The good thing about this type of cancer is that it may not easily metastasize (cancer spreading in other parts or organs in your body) because the kidney is quite far from other organs.  

So if kidney cancer symptoms persist, better take actions right away for earlier treatment of the disease.

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kidney cancer symptoms

Kidney Infection Treatment

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Kidney infection treatment – What causes kidney infection?

kidney infection treatmentBefore having a kidney infection treatment, it is a good thing to know the causes and symptoms first. This way, you are ready with regards to the treatment methods that will be applied for you. Typically for kidney infection cause, your kidneys are infected once bacteria in your urinary tract have multiplied and thus, causing kidney infections. Also, the infection may spread into your bloodstream especially if the bacteria have spread in the upper part of the urinary tract infection.

In most cases of this kind of infection, women are the ones usually affected because bacteria may easily run starting from the anus (rectum) towards the vagina. Hence, the bacteria will then enter in the urinary system of a woman causing the infection. Besides these facts, sexual intercourse and previous UTI’s may also be the “culprit” in having the infection. For men, the usual cause is enlargement of the prostate.

Kidney infection treatment – Symptoms

As for the symptoms of kidney infection, you may feel:

  • Feverish with chills
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Body fatigue (generalized weakness in the body)
  • Painful and burning sensation when you urinate (dysuria)
  • Back pain (either both sides or on the lower back part)
  • Tenderness on the lower part of the rib
  • Dehydration
  • Rapid heart rate

These are some of the symptoms of kidney infections. In some cases, these symptoms can be mild and it will only last within a few hours or days. However, it can also last for a long period of time. This is the reason why, immediate consultation with the doctor should be done for proper diagnosis and treatment. Remember, this kind of infection should be taken seriously especially if you have low immune system.

Kidney infection treatment

After you’ve been diagnosed by the doctor with kidney infection, you can be provided treatment such as antibiotics. For pregnant women doctors would usually advice other methods of treatment because medicines for treatment of this kind of infection may endanger pregnancy. Well, painkillers are also prescribed by the doctor.

For self-help tips, you can drink lots of water. This will prevent you from being dehydrated and it will also help flush bacteria in your urinary tract.

Of course plenty of rest is highly recommended. Remember that kidney infection can make you weak easily. That’s why as a part of kidney infection treatment, you must have adequate rest.

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kidney infection treatment