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cyst in kidney
cyst in kidney

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Cyst In Kidney

Click Here For More Details On Cyst In Kidney – Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

Cyst in Kidney – Causes

Cyst In KidneyThere are actually many forms of cyst in kidney. There are simple cyst kidneys that are actually benign or not harmful at all and there are also polycystic kidney cysts that are quite dangerous since it can cause kidney failures.

When it comes to kidney cyst causes, there are no actual findings on why it occurs. However, some factors can be because of the genes. Meaning, it can be inherited. Further, it can be because of age. As you grow older, there is a possibility that cysts may form in your kidneys and as years pass; your kidney size may grow abnormally because the cyst grows larger at the same time.

Bear in mind that kidney cyst causes may grow outside or inside the kidneys and it may affect one or both.

Cyst in Kidney – Symptoms

Now, whether if you have simple or multiple cysts on kidneys, here are some of the symptoms you may feel. Read on my friend.

Keep in mind that in most cases for simple cysts in the kidneys, there are no symptoms that can be felt. Although there are no symptoms, in some cases, once the doctor applies ultrasound on the kidney part of the patient, cysts can be found.

Consequently, one of the symptoms is having pain on the back, side and upper part of the abdomen. Also, you may feel occasional headaches combined with fever and chills.

Other signs and symptoms are high blood pressure, blood in the urine (hematuria) and even urinary tract infection or UTI. However, these symptoms are typically seen if you already have polycystic kidney disease and to add to this, other probable symptoms such as abnormal heart palpitations, aneurysm and diverticulitis may arise.

These are just some of the symptoms you can physically feel and sometimes, you will only know you have this kind of medical problem once general check-up is done and doctor’s diagnosis has been released.

Cyst in Kidney – Treatment

For simple cyst in kidney, treatment options are not usually done since the damage to your health is minimal. Your GP will only observe if the cysts will grow and it will post some problems to your health in the future.

Other treatment method is through aspiration where the doctor drains the cyst that has liquid form in it. Well, if worst comes to worst, surgery is done to treat the disease.

So if you feel you have a cyst, better consult the doctor for proper treatment and diagnosis.

Click Here For More Details On Cyst In Kidney – Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

cyst in kidney